ZiCon Exhibitor Policies

Rules and Policies

By purchasing an exhibitor table, the exhibitor agrees to abide by all rules and policies outlined below. The exhibitor understands that the ZiCon Exhibitor Policies and direct e-mail updates from ZiCon will provide exhibitors with the information necessary to participate at the Convention. The exhibitor is responsible for the information and deadlines contained in both, and therefore required to meet all deadlines or may miss specific marketing or logistic opportunities.

Site and Time

The Convention will be held on July 7-8, 2017, at the Edinburg Conference Center at Renaissance. ZiCon reserves the right to make changes in the exhibit hours and dates; however, any such changes will be made known as far in advance of the Convention as possible and exhibitors will be notified accordingly.

Right of Refusal

ZiCon has the right to approve or reject Exhibitors and to approve all products, exhibits or promotions to be presented at the Convention. The purchase of an Exhibitor Table shall be considered a binding contract between the two parties and subject to the rules herein when it is submitted with full payment and accepted by ZiCon. By purchasing an Exhibitor Table, the exhibitor releases ZiCon from any and all liability to exhibitor, its agents, licensees, or employees that may arise or be asserted as a result of participation in this Convention.

Booth Allocation and Payment

Each potential exhibitor is required to register online with the full payment in order to be included in the initial booth selection process.

Exhibit Space Rental and Package

Refer to the exhibitor page for package descriptions and rates.

Compliance with Schedule

All exhibits must be installed during the time designated. Exhibit staff must be in charge of the display during the hours when the exhibit area is open. Each exhibitor agrees to maintain the exhibit through all exhibition hours as stated.

Exhibitor Registration/Badges

All persons working in the exhibit area must be registered as exhibit staff or Convention delegates. No one will be admitted to the exhibit area without a badge. Exhibit personnel must wear the identification badges while on the exhibit floor. Exhibit staff wishing to attend Convention sessions must be registered as a full convention attendee. Additional badges are available for a fee determined by ZiCon staff.


In the event any exhibitor must cancel, exhibitors who cancel exhibit space more than 90 days prior to the opening day of the event will be refunded their purchase price minus a $50.00 Cancellation Fee. Cancellation 60 or more days ahead of exhibit hall opening results in a 50% refund. Cancellation fewer than 60 days from exhibit hall opening results in no refund.

Arrangement of Exhibits

The space provided will be as shown on the floor plan to the extent possible, but ZiCon reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to make changes in the location, size and display limits of any booth.

Use of Space

Exhibitors may not sublet, assign or apportion any part of the space allotted, nor represent, advertise or distribute literature for product or services of any other firm or individual except as approved in writing by ZiCon. Exhibitors promotional activities are confined to the actual space purchased, or in areas approved by ZiCon. No exhibitor will be permitted to display or distribute literature outside the confines of the assigned booth space in the exhibit area. ZiCon also reserves the right to remove, at the exhibitor cost, any product/items deemed by ZiCon as not suitable for display at the Convention. Exhibitors will be bound by the booth rules provided by ZiCon.

Liability and Insurance

Exhibitors agree to protect, save, and hold ZiCon, and all agents and employees thereof (collectively called Indemnities) forever harmless for any damages or charges imposed for violations of any law or ordinance, whether occasioned by the negligence of the exhibitors or holding under the exhibitors. The exhibit area is kept locked overnight. However, ZiCon will not be liable for damage or loss to any exhibitor’s properties through theft, fire, accident or any other cause whether the result of negligence or otherwise. The exhibitor shall indemnify ZiCon against, and hold it harmless from any complaints, suits or liabilities resulting from negligence of the exhibitor in connection with the exhibitor’s use of display space. It is recommended that exhibitors insure their exhibit and display materials. It is also recommended that exhibitors take any valuable or important items with them when they are not in the exhibit area or the exhibit area is closed. Exhibitors wishing to ensure their exhibit materials, goods and/or wares of exhibits against theft, damage by fire, accident or loss of any kind, must do so at their own expense. Each exhibiting company is responsible for obtaining insurance (liability and fire/theft) in such amounts as deemed appropriate to comply with its obligations hereunder and for its own protection.

Americans with Disabilities Act

Exhibitors shall be responsible for making their exhibit accessible to persons with disabilities as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act and shall hold ZiCon harmless from any consequences of failing to do so.

Souvenirs and Samples

Distribution of souvenirs and samples is permitted provided there is no interference with other exhibits. ZiCon may withhold or withdraw permission to distribute souvenirs, advertising or any other material it considers objectionable.

Conduct of Exhibitors

Exhibitors and employees, whether full, part-time or temporary personnel hired by the exhibitor, shall conduct themselves in an ethical manner at all times. ZiCon may also ask any persons deemed to be acting in an obstructive manner or inappropriately dressed, to leave the exhibit floor.

Facility Rules

No part of an exhibit or sign shall be posted, nailed or otherwise attached to columns, walls, floors, or other parts of the building or its furniture, in any way to deface it. Damages arising from failure to comply shall be the sole responsibility of the exhibitor.

Booth Dimensions and Signage

Exhibit fixtures, components, and identification signs will be permitted to a maximum height of 8’ for single 6’x10’ booths. Hanging signs from the ceiling is allowed only if approved by the ZiCon and in compliance with the Edinburg Conference Center at Renaissance rules and regulations. ZiCon will hang specific sponsor and directional signs at their discretion.


Exhibitors may store a limited supply of literature or product appropriately within the booth area, so long as these items do not impede access to utility services, create a safety problem or look unsightly.

Staffing Booth

You must staff the booth for all posted exhibit area hours. There may be a penalty for early breakdowns. All exhibit staff must be properly badged. No animals are allowed in the exhibit area.

Food and Beverage

Any food or beverages to be given away at exhibit booths must be approved by ZiCon and the Edinburg Conference Center at Renaissance Staff.

Convention Photography

By registering for ZiCon Convention, all attendees and exhibitors acknowledge they may be photographed during the convention. Please be aware these photos are for ZiCon use only, and may appear in the ZiCon’s programs, publications, brochures, e-newsletter, website, and other materials. Your attendance constitutes permission and consent for this photography and subsequent usage.